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Billing Policies:
Terms are net 10th per initial signed credit application. A finance charge of 1.75% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 21%, will be applied to any balance over 30 days.  If an account is turned over for collection, purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs including legal interest and reasonable attorney fees.
Minimum service charge is $1.00
Return Policies:
Tires purchased as a special order "non stocking" request will not be returnable.  Snow tires that are studded are not returnable.  Stocking SKU's returned after 30 days are subject to a 10% restocking fee and may not be returnable if purchased more than six months prior.  A copy of the original invoice would be required to return any tires or products previously purchased.  All returns are at the sole discretion of the supplier. 
Adjustment Policies:
Tires that could potentially recieve an adjustment credit must be returned for review.  No adjustment credit will be given before the tire(s) have been examined.  If some type of replacement tire is required, it will be billed as a separate sale.  Any adjustment given for that particular transaction will offset or partially offset the cost of a replacement tire depending on the specific situation.

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